QVLN + Sunny Z interview

August 22, 2023
"I personally believe movement and music go hand in hand and are deeply connected. I love holding space for communities to feel comfortable in experiencing both of these transformative elements."
We caught up with QVLN & Sunny Z ahead of their upcoming Australian tour in September. Quetzal talks about his recent European tour as well as music he has been releasing and collaborating on of late . Meanwhile Sunshine gives some insight into her work as a wellness facilitator and DJ, she talks about how music and movement go hand in hand and the deep connection that exists between.

After the last postponement of your tour back in April we are SUPER feliz to have you guys finally gracing us with your presence at Mahico. You guys seem to be moving around a lot with your music. What have you been up to of late?

Yes! We are also SUPER feliz to be making our Mahico debut! So, we started this year off in Mali and Morocco doing performances and collaborations with artists: Bassidi Kone, Julian Belbachir and Moussa Diakite. Then we traveled back to the States for some shows in California and New York. Following that we enjoyed a month of music and wellness offerings in Bali, Indonesia. Most recently QVLN and his joint collaboration with Orkesta Mendoza toured Europe all of July. We’ve had quite an eventful 2023 thus far and we’re extremely excited to finally be back in Australia!

Sunny, I have noticed you connect with people through a few different modalities. Namely music and yoga. Can you speak to how these fill your cup and also how you are able to connect to others?

Sunny Z reply:

I personally believe movement and music go hand in hand and are deeply connected. I love holding space for communities to feel comfortable in experiencing both of these transformative elements.

As a DJ, it’s truly fulfilling for me to witness an audience feeling the music in positive ways so much that it uplifts them, ultimately bringing high frequencies of love, joy and gratitude to each person’s soul.  

As a yoga teacher, I love to curate unique playlists for my guests to move and practice their breathwork to. Movement and music are forms of medicine, so I’m really particular on what each person is experiencing not only through asanas (Yoga postures) but also what they’re consuming by ear.

Whether I’m DJ’ing or teaching a wellness modality, I connect with each person by delivering my authentic intentions of positivity. When I give my best, having gratitude as my foundation, people will feel that energy.

Quetzal tell us a little about your recent European tour and also what music have you been working on collaboratively and individually of late?

Quetzal reply:

My recent tour in Europe was with a project called Orkesta Mendoza to whom I have been the front man since 2016. We recently released an album called “Curandero” that’s available on all digital music platforms. We did a string of performances throughout Spain, Lithuania and Hungary that went amazingly well. The audiences were extremely receptive to our combination of Cumbia, Mambo and 60’s Rock n Roll influences.

I’ve also just released a single called “Just One Time” in collaboration with a group from Los Angeles called Mystical Joyride as well as a single in collaboration with the late Stu Fergie of the group Oka from Australia called “Resist”.

How much time have you guys spent in Australia previously and what are your plans post Mahico?

We moved to Melbourne in 2016, then to Sydney in 2017 and then to Brisbane in 2019. During the start of 2020 we were back in the States visiting family and Q was working on a musical theatre project with Orkesta Mendoza. Long story short, we ended up getting shut out of Australia because of the pandemic up until last year when we finally returned after a long awaited 2 years.

We are really looking forward to being back in Australia this year for the Mahico event as well as for the Desert Song Festival in Alice Springs, NT from September 8-17. Following that we’ll be making an appearance at Zenfest the weekend of September 22-24.

This October and November, we’ll be heading back to the U.S. for some performances in LA, Phoenix, Miami, NY as well as being part of Michael Franti’s Soulshine at Sea cruise/music festival in the Caribbean. After all of that, we’ll be ending the year back in Morocco for the month of December.

Lastly, what is your live set up and what can we expect to hear from you guys at Mahico September 3rd?

Our live set up consists of Sunny Z on the DJ controller/decks and QVLN on vocals, electric violin and percussion. We’ll be playing a combination of original songs, collaborations and remixes from Q’s discography that feature artists and producers such as Oyobi, Amaru Tribe, Nickodemus and more. We have a couple live performance videos on YouTube you can check out to get a good idea of what our vibe and sound is like:

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