MAUGLI - Australian tour interview

October 27, 2023
"My next EP is heavily inspired by Capoeira music. It's a collab with friends of mine from the Capoeira community here in Berlin. It will be coming out on a label that collects funds for indigenous communities in Brazil "
We caught up with our dear amigo MAUGLI ahead of his first Australian tour and his performance at our upcoming Mahico Garden Fiesta on November 26th. We talk about all things music including upcoming EPs he has been working on his new vinyl only event in Berlin and a little insight into what we can expect to hear from him at Mahico next month.

We are super excited to be touring you around Australia over November and December and to be hosting you at MAHICO of course. Tell us a little about what you have been up to this past year? 

Well, on one hand I have been drifting towards a new direction on the dj front, widening the range of my music, exploring different uptempo genres. Whilst on the other hand i have launched a first all genre - vinyl only event with a dear friend of mine. The event takes place in a gorgeous outdoor location with a strong focus on roots music, but really everything possible from soul and electronica to folk and afrobeat. I am super happy as it’s situated in a setting that I love and the idea is to continue keeping them running here in Berlin. The space allows people to dance, to chat with no peak time dance floor pressure. Our guest djs finally get to tell different stories. With an opportunity to showcase what they have got on their shelves rather than on their sticks. 

We are all super in love with your last album “Alba” at Mahico HQ. What release do you have in store in the near future and what lies ahead for you musically as we edge closer to 2024?

Well there’s a lot of music to be released. Including an EP deeply inspired by the Capoeira culture. It's a collab with friends of mine from the Capoeira community here in Berlin. They contributed lyrics and vocals on the track. The EP is coming out on a label that collects funds for indigenous communities in Brazil. Additionally there are other EP’s, some cuts and singles that are finally going to make it out into the world. Post these releases, I feel like moving away from the club sound. Musically I’m always inspired and up for new ideas - it’s more about finding the time for music for me. 

MAHICO is fast approaching and we are busy in the curation phase of our event. Excitement levels are building. What can we expect to hear from you at Mahico on November 26th?

Firstly I am so glad to hear my music is known and appreciated down under! I am really excited to be there in summertime to play at an outdoor daytime driven event, that’s where I feel my music fits best. The Australian tour definitely gave me a big push to finish off a lot of sketches, which i will road test on the tour, as what I am djing in Berlin at the moment is quite different. I will also be playing a lot of new and unreleased original music at Mahico which I am super excited about! 

Thanks so much for your time. Big love from Mahico HQ here in Byron Bay! We look forward to seeing you very soon!

‍Same here, very much looking forward!

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