Davide Interview

July 31, 2023
“I love Mahico because of its cultural oriented concept and the sense of the community that it creates. People are just so stoked to celebrate life with each other.”
In this interview, Davide shares his photography journey, which began through his father's passion, and how it became a source of healing and purpose during challenging times. He discusses his current projects, including a street portrait series, upcoming travel plans to document unique cultures, and his involvement with Mahico, praising its cultural focus and the inspiration he derives from its celebratory atmosphere.

Tell us a little about your journey with photography. When did you first pick up a camera?

Hi amigos! Thanks for having me in this interview.

My journey with photography.. So.. 

In the first place, my dad had a big passion for photography. He had a Yashica film camera and with it, he has documented my early ages. I grew up seeing portraits of me that he had taken on the walls of our house, mostly in low key style. Unconsciously seeing those photos every day I got deeply inspired and touched by them. However, it took me a while before starting my journey with my photography. 

I got into photography when I was 22 years old. The truth is, I haven't done it for the fun of it but mostly because I deeply needed to find a purpose and a way to heal myself. I was touching the rock bottom of my life at that time, had losses, had big traumas and threatening fears coming up. My mental health was pretty bad. 

Having a camera in my hands gave me the opportunity to be the creator of  my own peaceful world, exploring with purpose, documenting the beauty found on my way and I fell in love with life again. 

You have been residing in the Northern River now for over three years? What attracted you to settle here and how has this impacted you creatively?

Yes, almost four years, time goes fast amigo!

My intuition brought me here, the amazing friends I found, kept me.

I’ve always been highly creative in this place, mostly because in the Northen Rivers lives a big vibrant creative community.

I think in order to live a happy life it’s essential to choose the right environment we are living in from the fact that we are the bioproduct of it and the people we surround ourself with.

Your portraiture photography is really special and impactful. What projects are you currently working on and what travel do you have planned for the  near future?

Thank you. 

For me photography is a combination of aesthetic and message. Having these two factors working smoothly together, you can create an impactful photo hard to forget.

I’m always working on my long term project ‘Street Soul’ ‘ Anima della Strada’, a series of street portraits, sometimes candids, sometimes more directed but with one essential factor, the subjects need to be strangers to me.

I’m also doing personal photoshoots and a lot of videography/Editing for artists and business’ in the form of music videos and promo videos.

For the near future I planned a trip back to Italy where I’m from, and after that I’ll be going to Kenya and Ethiopia for a photography trip where I’ll be documenting very unique and special tribes threatened by modern society’s changes. I just want to capture them before they loose authenticity and the connection from their old ways. 

After that I’ll potentially be filming a documentary in Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco about old musicians that have had a huge impact on their society’s changes with their music.

Perhaps I’ll be going to Papua New Guinea in September 2023 for a photography trip, again documenting indigenous communities that are still leaving ‘the old ways’ in perfect synergy with nature.  

Definitely, working with Australia's First People communities and being 

A photography mentor for kids in schools is also part of my plans in the near future.

We feel so blessed to have you part of the Mahico familia. You capture the essence of the fiesta so beautifully. What makes Mahico special for you?

Thank you, I also feel blessed to be part of Mahico!

I love Mahico because of its cultural oriented concept and the sense of the community that it creates. People are just so stoked to celebrate life with each other. 

People are there for connecting rather than disconnecting.

After every Mahico Fiesta,  I feel more inspired, more motivated, I feel my batteries get charged from all the genuine connections I’ve had and all the happy and joyful smiles I’ve seen.

The great curated music brings the Fiesta to the next level giving you the opportunity to dance, I mean… Dance properly, dance freely, shake and sweat all the worries away from our core.

Love you guys x


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