Carolina Morettzsohn Interview

July 31, 2023
“I have always loved being around kids, I like to say that they keep my inner child awake, they keep me young and loving life!”
We caught with a dear Amiga and head curator of our Mahico interactive kids workshop Carolina Moretzsohn. Caro has been an integral part of building and expanding the kids offering at Mahico. Her passion to her craft and what she brings to the community is something really special!

We are so pleased to have you facilitating the kids interactive workshop at our Mahico Garden Fiestas. Can you talk about your Journey with working with Kids. How did it begin?

I started working with children 20 years ago, back in Brazil, I used to teach them English as Second Language. I learnt so much then; how to plan and structure the time and the exercises, how to be prepared with extra activities, and especially how to be flexible and be creative! Children need one to one attention, and being attentive to what they need from minute to minute is crucial to assist in their development.

Here in Australia, I continued my journey as a children' swimming instructor. I just loved having all that fun with the little ones while getting them comfortable and confident in the water! 

I have to confess I have always dreamed of working in events with children's entertainment; creating spaces where they can have fun, develop and grow amongst the community. By integrating them into our social events, children can be children, and families and friends together.I believe that helps strengthen the relationships and the community. So happy to be part of Mahico Garden Fiesta! 

You are also a performer and musician. What have you been up to of late? What projects are you currently working on?

I am passionate about culture, music, art, dance, language, expressions that touch our soul.

I have recently been part of Emanarse, an incredible and transformational immersion for women held and directed by Silvia Andrade. “The course is a combination between a wide range of Theatre, Improvisation and Movement Research games and techniques, Performance Art and Dance-Theatre experiments, and the experience of each woman involved in the process.” I brought my opera singer to life in this performance, can’t wait to share more with my community!

We are such a fan of the Brazilian community here in the Northern Rivers. They certainly bring all the vibes to Mahico! Can you talk about the importance of gathering in community and being able to bring some of your culture to the area?

We, Brazilians, have a very strong sense of community. We are always including everyone, sharing our hearts, music and culture! 

Music connects people! My love for dance, music, art and culture. I am part of Forró das Meninas, a Brazilian women’s culture music and dance project; and Batukanum, a drumming universe from Olinda, Northern of Brazil. I just love seeing everyone dancing and having fun!!

What kind of experience  can we expect for the kiddos at our upcoming Mahico June 11th?

Our Mahico Troop is getting ready for some fun!! Clowing, games, songs, story telling, art and crafts….Children are the gift, the joy of the party while the sun is up! We are there for them, for their smile, for them to enjoy themselves, as much as their parents are enjoying the fiesta!

Lastly, how did you connect with Mahico and what makes it special for you?

I connected with Mahico through our gorgeous friend Laura Sterling, Barkindji woman. I absolutely love multicultural events, I believe that’s how we are meant to live! Sharing our culture with another, learning to communicate with our differences and building a community where we are supporting each other to care for our beautiful Earth, our children and each other. That’s why Mahico is so special for me, it’s an eventj that welcomes so many cultures, and all ages!!

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